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    Mobile Test Automation

    As mobile apps become exceedingly popular for carrying out day-to-day activities related to banking, shopping, healthcare or even planning a vacation – the list is huge – it’s not just about how many extra useful features you provide but also how your application perform! How interruptions, events affect your app performance! And many more aspects needs to be validated across the wide range of devices, geographies, networks and operating system versions; concurrently maintaining the “quality - directly corresponds to brand image” and “time to market” factor.

    How to achieve this?

    The answer is: mAutomate - Record Once - Test Anywhere!!!

    mAutomate is one of the powerful and cost-effective tool for testing mobile apps across diverse handsets, networks, operating system versions, and geographies. mAutomate is not just a record and execute framework to test mobile apps, but effortlessly executes automated tests on remote mobile devices connected to the provider networks without rooting/jail breaking

    mAutomate mobile automation testing components

    Build your own private device cloud for testing across geographies

    Record once, execute on multiple devices

    Web based infrastructure for test case & device suite management

    Push based mechanism to execute test cases on remote devices

    Complete test execution reports, along with performance numbers are made available on the web

    mAutomate Makes Testing a Positive Part of Your Process

    Designed with the unique challenges of mobile apps in mind, mAutomate automates testing in the cloud using real mobile devices – without rooting or jailbreaking – running on real provider networks. With this mobile test automation tool, testing is no longer an expensive chore, but is an active contributor to development.

    Here’s why:

    Object-level Comparison: Instead of returning screen images that require

    manual interpretation, mAutomate runs object comparisons that automatically

    record activities (clicks, views, functions, etc.) and reports success or failure.

    Private Cloud for Security and Speed: Once installed, mAutomate - the automation testing tool is open to all authorized personnel in your organization, anywhere, but closed to everyone else. Your tests will never be queued behind other clients.One Test, Many Devices: Run tests on multiple devices simultaneously – no delays, no waiting.

    Automated Integration: mAutomate becomes part of your continuous

    integration environment, automatically testing every new application build, with

    the test variations you want, on all the devices you need.

    Performance Reports: mAutomate goes beyond capturing success/failure

    rates to record app impact on CPU, memory, network and battery usage.

    mAutomate at a Glance

    Easy to Use

  • Easy interface for a short learning curve

  • Automation and queueing features

  • Record once, Run multiple times

  • Instant addition of assertions and regressions using web interface

  • Any Device, Any Location

  • User-owned device cloud for authorized access, anywhere

  • Auto-installation of apps on remote devices without rooting or jailbreaking

  • Multiple Mobile Platforms

  • iOS 4.0 and later

  • Android SDK 2.3 and later

  • Mobile Web (Android/iOS browsers)

  • Hybrid applications (Android devices)

  • Development Integration

  • Easy interface for a short learning curve

  • Automation and scheduling features make multiple testing iterations convenient and cost-effective

  • Provides Excel import/export, integrates with Hudson/Jenkins CI, Bugzilla and Quality Center to work seamlessly with your existing tools

  • Superior Reporting

  • Object comparison captures actions, success/failure rates

  • A web based solution to manage your applications Test Cases, Devices, Releases, Versions and Iterations that tests all type of mobile apps including native, hybrid and browser based apps.Read more >>

    Want that your Enterprise app run seamlessly across myriads of handsets, diverse geographies, varied network environments over the various flavors of operating systems and hardware configurations? Read more >>

    Case Study

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    Case Study

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    Case Study

    Descriptions goes here Descriptions goes here

    To take a mobile app from potential to profitability, you need not just a promise,but proof of performance – on all popular devices, on every network, and any location around the world. Read more >>

    An introduction to the mAutomate’s unique offerings and an overview of the myriad range of powerful features crafted in a simplified way to perform end-to-end mobile test automation of your enterprise app.


    mAutomate - A Mobile App Test Automation Solution